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  By: :brenda-theresa:, owner/heir, grantee, grantor/settler, beneficiary;-

a                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Isaiah Chapter 61, verses 1 and 2; Galations Chapter 4:22-31 and Chapter 5:1

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By: i, a womb/man, :brenda theresa: heir/beneficiary primogeniture to original jurisdiction; with irrevocable and absolute power of attorney in the image and likeness of the Almighty Supreme Yehovah=Hebrew #3068, (c)(tn),  with absolute and supreme standing(Landmarks - marks)as grantor, executor, general executor, Protector, including but not limited too principal successor secured party creditor and claimant heir/co-heir/beneficiary for:, (TM)BRENDA THERESA    TEDDERS ESTATE/TRUST(c)(tn), et al; and any and all name variations and derivatives on all ACCOUNTS AND OR RECORDS.

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 Best of Dead Doctor's don't lie – Presentation (what your distributor free website will look like) (a more distributor and customer interactive website will look like for many business and customer resources)

Income Opportunity Powerpoint Presentation (updated 6/16/15)

Narrated by Mike Randolph so follow his walk through of the Income Opportunity presentation either the Powerpoint above or the PDF below;

Income Opportunity PDF Presentation (updated 6/16/15)

i: a wombman; general executrix: brenda-theresa, from the [royal house of TEDDERS](2 Samuel 7):, special and private
 American National, at al; i: at all times, Expressly and Explicitly preserve, reserve. retain, claim all of i: a [wo]man's special and private yhvy [g-d]-given, unalienable, Liberties, Rights, Titles, Privileges, Powers, dominions, dominiums, Remedies, Recourses, Immunities, Defenses, including but not limited to Paramount claims on the divine nature, divine proportion and manifest essence=DNA, afterbirth, residual, remnants, issues, et al and all that is marked by it/them, as a heir, co-heir primogenture, grantee, beneficiary, et al, to and as recognized in the nature and intent of: the original jurisdiction known as Genesis chapter one and two, et al; Territorial only to the land/soils on nation michigan;  one of the several States of the American Union (Republic) and having private dominion/dominium outside the Federal District on non-military occupied private lands, non-res, non-commercial, not-for-hire, non-domestic, and not subject to the LAWS of the UNITED STATES, INC, ITS TERRITORIES AND SUBSIDIARIES and I: am without the UNITED STATES, INC; and its TERRITORIES AND SUBSIDIARIES; Without prejudice, Without Recourse to i: a womb/man; with honor, nunc pro tunc, ab initio; one's (living men and [wo]men in their private or commercial capacity) there have been given absolute notice, Thou shalt not trespass/trustpass, et al;